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with Shelby Tosh


I fell in love with horses when I was just a little girl, begging my parents for years until the day came when I got my first horse. Over the years I have worked with many trainers who have continued to inspire me, and that is what I strive for. To spark that passion in riders to do great things with their love of horses..

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Shelby has been riding since the age of 9. Working in the industry for roughly 16  years. In that time she has worked at a variety of facilities gaining years of valuable experience.

Throughout the years she has rode and competed on her own mount, actively participated in various working student positions, and attended Olds College's Equine Science program; where she became qualified as an Equine Canada Certified Instructor alongside receiving her diploma. In those years she gained further industry experience through varying practicums and hired positions.


Since then she has created and tailored successful programs in starting young horses and fine tuning performance horses. Along with working with horses with some undesired tendencies to correct them in a positive and effective way.


Sonium Training's services include riding lessons for all ages and experiences, young horse starting, and performance horse programs. 

Shelby offers a fun and relaxed approach - placing emphasis on building solid and correct foundations in training - while remaining encouraging and providing a safe riding experience!



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